About the NCIOM’s Serious Illness Task Force

Since caring for a seriously ill loved one is one of the biggest challenges we face, the North Carolina Institute of Medicine (NCIOM), in partnership with agencies and organizations that provide care and advocacy around issues of aging, palliative care, hospice care, and long-term supports and services, convened a Task Force on Serious Illness Care in 2019-20. The Task Force consisted of over 60 expert members, including health care providers, community members, advocacy representatives, and family caregivers. The Task Force on Serious Illness Care has developed a workable plan to improve the quality of living for individuals (and their caregivers) with serious illness. The final report of the Task Force will be issued this spring.

The North Carolina Serious Illness Coalition is the evolution of this work and a continuation of statewide partnerships to advance the recommendations made in the Task Force’s final report. Learn more here.

Courtesy: AARP North Carolina

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Telehealth: A Promise to Community and Access to Care

Telehealth has always been around for a long time, but the pandemic has provided a real opportunity to highlight the benefits of its utility. North Carolina Department of Information Technology (NCDIT) Broadband Infrastructure Office (BIO) works to expand broadband access and promote broadband adoption across the state and is actively working to increase access to telehealth.

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Social Work Month: Resources and Reasons for Celebrating Social Workers

Social Work Month, celebrated each March, provides an excellent opportunity to raise awareness of the important contributions of social workers. Social Work plays a critically important role in ensuring quality of care for family and individuals with Serious Illness.