Friday Facts

Friday Facts is a short (8:30 – 9:00AM), weekly, news style “show” designed to provide you with the latest updates on a variety of hot topics and features a variety of different guest speakers each week.

Although our work as a Coalition can be formal with legislators, webinars, policy changes, and education, our work is also about changing the culture of Serious Illness Care. Rich sharing, building community, and creativity comes from these informal conversations that impart more than information, but also our vulnerabilities as human beings. Friday Facts is much about how we relate to one another, about how we operate in our professions, and helps strengthen resilience in the work that we do.

Friday facts occurs every Friday except on Holidays and the 3rd Friday of each month*

See our schedule below along with past broadcasts.

Latest Recordings

Speaker: Rev. F. Keith Stirewalt PA-C MBA MDiv

Program Director FaithHealth and Clinical Medicine, Wake Forest Baptist Health

This Friday, NCSI Coalition member, Keith Stirewalt, joined as our featured guest speaker. Rev. Stirewalt discussed his background, what inspired his career choices, and how the Coalition can get more involved with faith-based partners.


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